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With the looming deadline of new legislation coming into force in May 2018, we’re asking you to take a moment to review the new privacy policy of Higher Bebington Junior Football Club.

Club Philosophy

What is most important is you agree with the Club’s philosophy to give the interests of each child equal value irrespective of their football skills, to promote self-esteem, confidence and the development of social skills including loyalty and consideration for others.

Whether a new member or one renewing their membership, we hope that during your time with us you will enjoy your football and make many new friends in the process. Members and coaches are working hard for and with each other to give children the best possible start and experience.

Want to be a part of Higher Bebington JFC?

We are always looking for our parents to become more involved with the club either coaching or supporting managers on an administrative basis If you are interested in helping out, the Club will support you with coaching, first aid and child protection courses, plus all the administrative support you need.

Have you the ability to create team spirit amongst the players and to make them feel needed and valued? Mums and dads are all welcome and what about Grandmas and Granddads too?

Helping out is a great way to get to know people and contribute to the Club’s development. So don’t stay in the car while your child is enjoying their football. There’s more than one way to support your footballer! Get involved – you will gain more than you give, we promise.