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Mini Soccer

Mini Soccer is all about giving all children the environment needed to enjoy taking part in football.

At Higher Bebington, we will always seek to get your child loving the sport in the best setting possible. Regardless of ability, age, gender or background, we want all children to enjoy playing the beautiful game and want to come back time and time again.

Click on any of our teams below to see the latest fixtures and results:

Under 5s:

Team Contact:
Soccer School Wirral

Under 6s:

Under 6 Celtic Team Contact:
Liam Parker
Under 6 Hearts Team Contact:
Sarah Anderson
Under 6 Rangers Team Contact:
Mike Smethurst

Under 7s:

Under 7 Celtic Team Contact:
Stuart Briscoe
Under 7 Hearts Team Contact:
Matt Hayes
Under 7 Rangers Team Contact:
Barry Baber

Under 8s:

Under 8 Celtic Team Contact:
Billy Foster
Under 8 Hearts Team Contact:
Steve Fowlie
Under 8 Rangers Team Contact:
Andy Rutter
Under 8 Saints Team Contact:
Dan Connolly

Under 9s:

Under 9 Celtics Team Contact:
Dave Rodrigues
Under 9 Hearts Team Contact:
Danny Dale
Under 9 Rangers Team Contact:
Bry Mylotte
Under 9 Saints Team Contact:
Graham Jones

Under 10s:

Under 10 Celtic Team Contact:
Carl Williams
Under 10 Hearts Team Contact:
Neil Davies
Under 10 Rangers Team Contact:
Si Tierney