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With the looming deadline of new legislation coming into force in May 2018, we’re asking you to take a moment to review the new privacy policy of Higher Bebington Junior Football Club.

Child Welfare

We like to pride ourselves as being a family club and hope that the majority of teams don’t encounter any issues.

In the case that any problem does arise we have in place a Welfare Officer who will act on behalf of parents/guardians as well as managers.

How the process will work -: if a parent/guardian has an issue with a manager that cannot be resolved by a one to one conversation and they still feel aggrieved then they can contact the Welfare Officer or any of the senior committee who will remain impartial, in the same respect managers can also do the same.

The Welfare Officer will then take your issue on board and consider the next course of action whether it to be a one to one with the manager (parent) or to have a meeting with all parents, if he/she is to have a meeting with all parents another member of the senior committee will also be in attendance, and also if the Welfare Officer feels he/she cannot deal with the issue he/she can bring it to another senior committee member with the strictest confidentiality, who will do their utmost to resolve any issues.

If you are aware of any abuse taking place please contact Welfare Officer Stephen Osborne